Title: Collaborative Curricular restructuring through Multiliteracies

Coordinators / Institutions

Abstract: This symposium discusses cross curricular restructuring through multiliteracy (The New London Group, 1996 e Rojo, 2015). This concept implies understanding the semiotic production of the world from different standpoints, that is, accepting and challenging multiple ways of signifiying.  In this sense, it is essential to consider that “signs are elements in which meaning and form have been brought together in a relation motivated by the interest of the sign-maker” (Bezemer & Kress, 2010: 13). This symposium aims at presenting learning desencapsulazation in curriculum design in multicultural (Santos, 2008) and multimodal (Kress, 2010), perspectives, as proposed byt the Multiliteracies. In other words, it focuses on the agentive transformation of subjects in collaborative situations (Magalhães, 2012). Agency is conceptualized in a relational way as the capacity of asking for and giving support to others (EDWARDS; MACKENZIE, 2005) and as the understanding of others as resources to “turbocharge” one’s own actions towards transformation (EDWARDS, 2005). In this symposium, the emphasis will be the theoretical-practical discussion of critical collaborative experiences to produce curriculum development, crisscrossed by the concept of Multiliteracies.

Keywords: Multiliteracies, curricular restructuring, agency, collaboration.