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Abstract: It discusses the importance of table reading for the integral development of the child for a long time. Questions such as: how reading should be held?; What are the relationships that the child has to do with the world from the readings that performs?; which she has world experiences, to make a proper reading of the texts that are at your disposal? Thinking in children and in children’s literature, it is observed that modern conceptions of speech reflect on reading as interactional process starting in childhood, that as she reads the world that involves, the images that represent such a world to the reading of the word. At school, on the necessity of abstract symbols and signs the child participates in reading activities that will result in the educational process and in life. Reflecting on national guidelines that deal with the subject, the importance of working with various discursive genres, for introduction of the students in reading text and image. The present work proposes a reflection that goes beyond reading the text only because it sets out to articulate it with the illustration, at that moment, the children’s book my Gallery of art with adhesives, which retrieves another known universe: the albums of figurines. Want to see some parts of the work whose compositional structure stands out for a hybridization of languages. Language and art merge in an interdisciplinary approach to account for the effects of sense necessary for the understanding of the work. Think of the children’s literature in this plan is to recognize your hybrid composition, which unfolds through the narrative form of-displayed, in which text and image fit together at all times. As theoretical foundation, the postulates of Dialogical Discourse Analysis, for the respect of the dialogism, hybridism and verb-Visuality, which reference the productions of Bakhtin and his Circle, Salisbury and Styles (2012) and Brait (2013, 2014); on the art of visual storytelling, Hall (2012) and Manguel (2010); to discuss the fundamentals of illustration and image Novaes Rabbit (1993) and Hunt (2010); to issues of children’s literature. The present study is inserted in the research line “Speech, gender and memory” of the master’s degree in Linguistics from Southern Cross University, as well as in the research group “theories and Discursive and textual” registered at CNPq.

Keywords: Dialogism; children’s literature; illustration; verb-visuality.