Title: Referencing: what can we teach?



Abstract: Nowadays, it’s easy to find a lot of researches on referencing, in Brazil and abroad. Since the late 20TH century, when it was ususal to spoke only of cohesion and coherence, until quite recently, when these concepts are being reviewed, the referencing processes have been the subject of lectures, courses, theses, articles and books – among which we highlight Koch (2003, 2005, 2008), Marcuschi (2005, 2008), Cavalcante (2000, 2011, 2013), just to name a few authors. However, even being an important issue to be taken to classrooms, teachers still have doubts about what and how to teach about referencing; many of these doubts arising, for example, of misguided approaches of teaching materials (Santos, 2013). So, at this conference, we aim to discuss what can (and should) be brought about referral to the classroom of elementary and secondary education. We will discuss some aspects that have been debated in the discipline “Texto e ensino (Text and teaching)”, at the Professional Master’s course called Profletras/UFRJ, some teachers’ questions on the topic, and we will present some suggestions of approach of referencing, a processes that collaborates to cohesion and coherence of texts.

Keywords: Reading, writing, referencing.